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  23% of employees leave a job due to a lack of ongoing training and professional development.
80% of companies
are investing over $100 billion in eLearning each year.

The Best Interactive eLearning Courses

Custom eLearning design is what we are known for. Because we believe eLearning shouldn’t be a waste of time, we focus first and foremost on your needed outcomes. 
Your final instructional products will be meaningful, memorable, and motivational experiences that solve your specific business challenges and result in a big performance punch!
i3Logic understands the importance of challenging learners to think, respond, and engage, while boosting knowledge retention.
We partner with clients to produce innovative, high-quality eLearning at a great price, with a streamlined process and extensive support.

A Critical Differentiator

Our results-driven deliverables are focused on meeting business objectives and building communication, collaboration, and synergy within teams.
Our award-winning custom eLearning solutions include:
  • Learning strategy consulting
  • Measurement, evaluation, and analysis mapping
  • Change management strategies and execution
  • Curriculum mapping and design
  • Instructional design and content writing
  • Creative ideation and custom graphics
  • Responsive mobile learning
  • Discovery-based learning and gamification
  • Scenario and simulation solutions
  • Communication planning and development
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eLearning Samples

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