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"Hiring plans in 2016 are the highest since 2007.” 
Manpower Group, December 2015  



Companies lose 25% of all new employees within their first year.
  Losing an employee can cost a company up to 30% of the position’s annual salary.  

Why Employees Leave

Great performance begins with attracting and hiring the right people. But our efforts are wasted if we don’t keep them. Studies continue to show that money is not the number one reason why people leave their jobs.
The top reasons include:
   Lack of personal connection to company goals and culture
   Lack of recognition
 Poor relationship with direct manager and colleagues
  Unclear career path
  Limited and inconsistent training

i3Logic Onboarding

i3Logic’s Year-One Onboarding Program creates a roadmap
for engaging the hearts and minds of your new hires throughout their entire first year.
We integrate HR, Business Units, and Learning & Development practices to create a partnership that arms new employees with the right support, materials, and experiences to help them grow and succeed in their roles.
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