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Meet Our Team

Peter Kelley
Partner/Executive Creative Director

Tom Vasko  
Partner/Senior VP of Operations/Sherpa of Technology

  Holding a BFA in Graphic Design, Photography, and English from the University of Michigan, Peter helped found i3Logic (formerly VuCom, Inc.) in April of 2004. In his role as Partner and EVP -Executive Creative Director, Peter is responsible for the company's creative discipline, and the high levels of conceptual and technological innovation we provide to make a meaningful impact for our clients. In addition, he oversees i3Logic's brand and marketing strategies.

Peter lends his creative vision to all aspects of his life, from his work at i3Logic to his frequent dabbling in art and music. 
In his capacity, as Senior Vice President of Operations, Tom oversees day-to-day operations to support the growth of i3Logic. He focuses on strategic planning and goal setting, and directs the operations of i3Logic in support of its strategic goals. By measuring progress and adjusting processes he keeps the entire organization on track. Responsibilities are to improve processes, tools, and technology to maximize client engagements.
As a member of i3logic’s Leadership Team he helps to formulate incentive plans, maintain an efficient team structure, and uses analytics to improve performance. 

After his family and the Pittsburgh Steelers, technology is Tom’s biggest passion. An online-gamer and computer-builder in his spare time, he uses books, blogs, Web sites, and newsletters to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. 

Kathy Kelley

Rob Grozenski
Senior Business Development Consultant

Doug Braunschweig 
Senior Project Manager

Carla Allen
Senior Project Manager

Alejandro Queb 
Creative Director

Aviana Vasko
 Quality Assurance Specialist

Becky Holden
Instructional Design Director

Elaine Stottlemyer
Instructional Designer

Catherine Reed-Voorheis
Instructional Designer