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Learning Is Happening … Everywhere

Together We Can Provide the Right-Sized and Relevant Learning Experiences When, Where, and How People Need It to Perform at Their Best.

Since the late 1990’s, i3Logic has evolved from an
award-winning custom learning development company, working closely with some of the world’s most respected organizations to become … The Learning Agency.

Methodologies Tested Through Experience

Years Designing
and Developing Award-Winning Learning Experiences

Worked with 100s
of the World’s
Most Respected Companies

Classroom, Web, Mobile, and VR Solutions Created

Impacting an Audience of Over 200,000 Learners Across the Globe

Creating a Vision of What  Success Looks Like  Together

In order to provide cohesive and innovative training
solutions that Consistently Deliver Results, we work closely with client leaders to define key business objectives,
establish audience profiles, and align the appropriate creative concepts and technologies essential for successfully delivering the right learning experiences. 

Learning Alignment
Defining and
architecting a unique blended learning strategy aligned to objectives

Solution Design
Creating a “Road
Map” aligned to the learning strategy
and clearly defining a solution path

Creative Ideation
Blending innovative concepts and technologies to create results-driven learning experiences

Identifying the right leading indicators and analyzing methods
to ensure objectives are achieved

Guiding Vision
Identifying and clarifying business objectives
that will guide our learning strategies

Every Great Journey Begins With a Reliable  Road Map  

We work closely with client leaders to establish a cohesive and results-driven strategy that will provide a “Road Map”
to guide us through each phase of designing, developing, and delivering the right blend of relevant, valuable, and highly engaging learning experiences. 

On-Demand Performance Support

  Virtual & Augmented Reality Simulations

eLearning Courses

Discovery-Based Video & Animated Scenarios

Learning Experience Road Map

Mobile Micro-Learning Reinforcement & Support

Measurement Mapping to Validate Results

Immersive Gamification & Friendly Competition

Integrated  Assessments & Certifications

Instructor-Led & Virtual Classroom
Training Events

Award-Winning  Creativity and Innovation  Designed to Drive Results

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Together, We Can Be  Heroes  

i3Logic challenges the complacencies of the learning and performance improvement industries and focuses on making valuable and measurable business impacts for our clients by enabling and inspiring people to  Perform at Their Best .

“It’s going so well! Someone is almost always playing and then they’re happy to get the product demo. We’ve had three enrollments within a half hour of opening! And, we had one of our key client leaders play the game and she LOVED it!”

“So I’m a Hero - Thank You!!”  

A recent note sent to us during the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) event in Las Vegas, as hundreds of attendees took turns engaging and competing within the  Virtual Reality  environment we created to build awareness and teach them about the dynamic attributes of our client's new iPad-based Dealer Sales Data Tools. 

Unique Opportunities To Work With The Best  

Over the years, we've built strong long-term relationships as Trusted Advisors and Collaborators with some of the world's most recognized companies across a wide range of industries to create innovative and successful learning solutions. 

Life Sciences
​ Pharmaceutical, 
Medical, Biotech, and Hospital Systems

​ Automotive, 
Aerospace, Tire, Cement,
and Steel

​ Banking, 
Investment , Insurance,
and Credit Card

​  Chemical,  Electric, Petroleum, Nuclear, and Natural Gas

​  Sporting Goods, Air
Travel, Food, Techology,
Car Rental, Appliance, and Various B2B - B2C

Professional Services
​ Business Management,
Tax Consulting,
Engineering, Media,  and 

​ Software,  Hardware , Communications, and Networking

​  Federal Agencies,  State Departments, and Non-Profit Organizations