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The Performance Agency
Advertising Agencies have effectively combined business strategy, creativity, innovation, measurement, and collaboration to provide tremendous value for clients. We thought it was time to bring this successful and tested model to deliver learning and performance improvement results for our clients.
Going Beyond “Training People Up”
Transforming employees to performers requires fundamental shift from training events designed to address needs reactively to a proactive, performer-centric, and results driven programs.
Immersion: With the company’s history, culture and vision
Alignment: To the role, expectations, and path to success
Training:  Role-specific training and support tools
Connection: With mentors, cohort groups, peers, and resources


Instructional Systems Design: Senior Instructional Designers and Performance Consultants with an expertise for working collaboratively with project teams to design and deliver a multitude of blended classroom, Web-based, virtual, and mobile programs  
Creative Ideation: A creative strategy and discipline modeled after advertising agencies designed to approach creative process from a conceptual perspective that drives thematic and design treatments
Award-Winning Blended Learning Development and Delivery: Highly experienced and award-winning development services dedicated to consistently delivering on defined performance strategies, solutions, and creative concepts

Communication Programs and Development: Internal marketing campaigns designed to proactively, consistently, and creatively communicate “What is happening, when, why, and what’s in it for me?”
Performer Communities: A centralized portal framework to provide performers with relevant and right-sized information when, where and how they need it, while collaborating with mentors and peers and creating an environment of friendly competition

Scenario and Simulation Solutions: Innovative interaction scenarios that combine the latest in animation, avatar, and online gaming technologies to create immersive simulations for learning, practice, and assessment engagements designed to support adoption and proficiency