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Our Story

Our History

i3Logic has been a leader in providing award-winning custom business communication and learning solutions for over 30 years, formerly as VuCom New Media, with a strong reputation for providing inventive and successful approaches to the performance, change management and learning needs of our clients.
 i3Logic integrates social media features within Web-based training initiatives to allow performers to share learning experiences and educate each other collaboratively 
i3Logic focuses entirely on providing successful custom learning solutions






Business partners Rom LaPointe and Peter Kelley acquire VuCom New Media and form i3Logic
i3Logic launches a Web-based learning support system called “Via>Grapevine,™” including learning management, classroom scheduling, testing, surveying, and document
storage tools
i3Logic launches the new
Lock-Out/Tagout (LOTO) Performance Assessment
simulations group to support companies in the energy and manufacturing segments to significantly improve saftey training initiatives 
Our Beliefs and Understanding
We believe business objectives are achieved most effectively when employees are transformed into Performers, and that the foundation of healthy, successful and growing companies is formed when people have access to the right information, When, Where, and How they need it to perform exceptionally and be successful.