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High-Performance Leadership



  85% of Business and HR
Leaders have rated the readiness of their leadership pipeline as an urgent issue that must be addressed.
  Only 15% of organizations believe their leadership pipeline is ready to lead.

The ZOOM Leadership Program

 i3Logic designed an engaging, discovery-based learning experience that builds on each participant’s skills and application knowledge in the areas of communication, management, and generational diversity.
i3Logic’s ZOOM High-Performance Leadership series is designed to help you skill up your new managers and leaders so that they are better able to meet the demands of their quickly changing work environments.

Your new managers will learn how to ZOOM out to be strategic, and then ZOOM back in for tactical execution.

Our ZOOM High-Performance Leadership program includes a Manager Framework designed to:
  • Help managers and trainees define performance objectives and individual job responsibilities
  • Support job concepts and ultimately help increase performance impact
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ZOOM Curriculum

Generational Diversity Virtual Course

Fundamentals of Effective Communication Workshop

Day-to-Day Management

 This two-day discovery learning workshop utilizes the DISC assessment to help learners understand and describe their own communication styles, and how to identify and work with other styles.
At the end of this experience, participants will be able to:
  • Describe his/her own communication style
  • Adapt to other communication styles
  • Successfully communicate ideas and opinions with impact
  • Effectively address challenging questions
  • Recognize and respond to non-verbal communication
This one-day discovery learning workshop is targeted to new first or second-line managers.
Learners will be presented with problem-centered activities that can be customized and aligned to an organization’s performance goals.

At the end of this experience, participants will be able to:
  • Determine how to cope with leadership demands and expectations
  • Describe management styles
  • Demonstrate how to manage time effectively
  • Establish how to delegate
  • Apply a management style to leading a matrix structure
  • Describe how to manage capabilities with a team
  • Exhibit how to build trust
Participants learn about the four different generations we now have in the work place, how to communicate across generations, and the importance of working together to meet business objectives.
At the end of this experience, participants will be able to:
  • Define how perceptions differ between generations
  • Express why generations think and behave differently
  • Explain how to leverage the generational diversity in your teams to foster collaboration and improve performance

Meet our World-Class ZOOM Facilitators

  1. Sue Fleschner
    Sue Fleschner
    Expert Facilitator
  2. Kim S. Baker
    Kim S. Baker
    Expert Facilitator
  3. Lorraine Gustavis
    Lorraine Gustavis
    Expert Facilitator